Learn about the difference between the homophones: seine and sane


Seine is a noun that refers to a large fishing net that hangs vertically in the water with floats at the top and weights at the bottom.


The fishermen used a seine to catch the fish.


The seine was heavy with fish.

Sane is an adjective that means mentally sound, rational, and reasonable.


She seemed perfectly sane and lucid.


The judge declared him sane enough to stand trial.

Tips To Remember the Differences

Here are a few tips to easily distinguish the difference between these words while keeping in mind the description we've provided:

- To remember the difference between these two words, you can associate seine with fishing. Think of the 'e' in seine as standing for 'equipment'. - As for sane, it's an adjective that describes a person's mental state. You could link it with 'sanity' or 'sound mind'.


Remember this!

Remember, seine is a type of fishing net, while sane describes a person's mental state.

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