assistant Definition

a person who helps or aids someone else in their work or tasks.

Using assistant: Examples

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    She hired an assistant to help with her workload.

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    The teacher's assistant graded the papers.

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    He works as a personal assistant for a CEO.

assistant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for assistant

Phrases with assistant

  • an artificial intelligence program that can perform tasks or services for an individual, such as answering questions or scheduling appointments


    I use a virtual assistant on my phone to set reminders and make calls.

  • a personal assistant who works for a high-level executive, often handling confidential information and managing their schedule


    The executive assistant booked the CEO's travel arrangements and prepared their presentations.

  • a student or graduate student who assists a teacher in a classroom setting, often grading papers or leading small group activities


    The teaching assistant helped the students with their math problems during class.

Origins of assistant

from Latin 'assistere', meaning 'to stand by'


Summary: assistant in Brief

An 'assistant' [əˈsɪstənt] is a person who helps or aids someone else in their work or tasks. It can refer to various types of assistants, such as a personal assistant or a teaching assistant. Phrases like 'virtual assistant' and 'executive assistant' denote specific types of assistants. 'Assistant' is synonymous with 'helper' and 'aide,' and is often used in formal contexts.

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