executive Definition

  • 1relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect
  • 2a person with senior managerial responsibility in a business organization

Using executive: Examples

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    The executive team is responsible for making important decisions.

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    She has an executive position at the company.

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    The executive branch of government is responsible for enforcing laws.

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    He was offered an executive role in the new project.

executive Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using executive

  • in a position of power or authority


    After years of hard work, she finally found herself in the executive chair.

  • a decision made by someone in a position of authority without consulting others


    The CEO made an executive decision to merge the two departments.

  • a set of rooms in a hotel or office building designed for use by executives


    The executive suite had a private balcony with a beautiful view of the city.

Phrases with executive

  • a directive issued by the President of the United States that manages operations of the federal government


    The President signed an executive order to increase funding for education.

  • a brief summary of a report, proposal, or other business document


    The executive summary provided an overview of the main findings of the report.

  • a person responsible for the overall production of a film or television program


    The executive producer made the final decision on casting for the movie.

Origins of executive

from Latin 'exsequi', meaning 'to follow out'


Summary: executive in Brief

The term 'executive' [ɪɡˈzɛkjʊtɪv] refers to the ability to put plans into action and a person with senior managerial responsibility. It is used in contexts such as business, government, and entertainment, exemplified by 'The executive team is responsible for making important decisions.' 'Executive' extends into phrases like 'executive order,' and idioms like 'in the executive chair,' denoting positions of power, and 'an executive decision,' implying a unilateral choice.

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