Stir the blood: Learn what the means through example!

What does “Stir the blood” mean?

"Stir the blood" means to excite or inspire someone.

What context can I use the in?


His speech really stirred the blood of the audience.


The thrilling music in the movie stirred the blood of the viewers.


Her passionate performance on stage stirred the blood of the audience

Is “Stir the blood” an expression, an idiom, or a proverb?

“Stir the blood” is a proverb. A proverb is a short saying that teaches us something important or gives us advice. Unlike an idiom, it’s easy to understand even if it uses figurative language.

How would I use “Stir the blood” effectively in context?

You can use "Stir the Blood" to describe something that excites or inspires someone, particularly in an emotional or passionate way. For example, if a speaker delivers a powerful and motivating speech, you might say, 'His speech really stirred the blood of the audience.'

  • 1Public Speaking

    Her inspiring words stirred the blood of the listeners, leaving them motivated and ready to take action.

  • 2Entertainment

    The intense and thrilling scenes in the movie stirred the blood of the viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

  • 3Performing Arts

    Her passionate performance on stage stirred the blood of the audience, evoking strong emotions and applause.

Similar phrases to “Stir the blood”:

Send shivers down one's spine

To cause a strong emotional reaction, often a feeling of excitement or fear


The horror movie sent shivers down my spine.

To make someone's heart beat faster due to excitement or anticipation


The thrilling roller coaster ride set my heart racing.

To motivate or inspire someone to take action


Her words lit a fire under me, and I started working towards my goals.

Good things to know:

Where does the phrase “Stir the blood” come from?

The origin of the phrase "Stir the Blood" is unknown.

Is “Stir the blood” common in everyday conversation?

Yes, "Stir the Blood" is a relatively common idiom in everyday conversation. It is often used to describe something that evokes strong emotions or excitement in people.

What tone does “Stir the blood” have?

"Stir the Blood" conveys a tone of excitement and inspiration. It suggests that something has the power to ignite passion or enthusiasm in individuals.

Can “Stir the blood” be used in informal and formal settings?

Yes, "Stir the Blood" can be used in both informal and formal settings. It is a versatile expression that describes the ability to excite or inspire someone. You can use it in various contexts, such as discussions, presentations, or even in creative writing.

Can it be used by itself, or is it usually part of a sentence?

It is commonly used as part of a sentence to convey its full meaning. For example, 'The music in the concert really stirred the blood of the audience.' However, in informal conversations, people might understand the phrase even if used alone, like saying 'That performance really "stirs the blood"!' to express excitement.

Synonyms & Antonyms


  • excite
  • inspire
  • ignite passion
  • evoke strong emotions
  • get the adrenaline pumping


  • bore
  • dull
  • dampen spirits
  • kill the mood
  • leave uninspired

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