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Does the word "wild" mean "untamed"?


Native speaker’s answer


Yes, you are correct. The words "wild" and "untamed" can be used interchangeably here as they both mean uncontrolled, especially for animals not domesticated or trained to human contact. Ex: The mustang is an untamed horse. (Giống ngựa Mustang là giống ngựa hoang dã.) Ex: There is a wild boar loose in the woods. (Có một con heo rừng sống trong rừng.) Ex: Street cats are usually untamed, so be careful. (Mèo lang thang đường phố thường là mèo hoang, nên phải cẩn thận đấy.) Ex: Untamed dogs are not suitable as pets. (Chó chưa được thuần dưỡng không phù hợp làm thú cưng.)

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