propose Definition

  • 1to suggest or put forward an idea or plan for consideration
  • 2to ask someone to marry you
  • 3to intend to do something

Using propose: Examples

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  • Example

    I propose that we postpone the meeting until next week.

  • Example

    He proposed to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

  • Example

    The company proposes to invest in new technology.

  • Example

    She proposed a new marketing strategy for the product.

propose Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for propose

Phrases with propose

  • to offer a drink in honor of someone or something


    Let's propose a toast to the newlyweds!

  • to suggest a formal proposal for discussion and decision in a meeting


    I propose a motion to increase the budget for employee training.

  • to suggest a question for consideration or discussion


    I propose a question for the panel: How can we improve access to healthcare for low-income families?

Origins of propose

from Old French 'proposer', from Latin 'proponere', meaning 'put forth'


Summary: propose in Brief

The verb 'propose' [prəˈpəʊz] means to suggest an idea or plan, to ask someone to marry you, or to intend to do something. It is often used in formal contexts, such as meetings or business proposals, as well as in personal relationships. Examples include 'I propose that we postpone the meeting until next week,' and 'He proposed to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.'

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