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What's the difference between "originally from" and just "from"? Is it okay to drop "originally" here?


Native speaker’s answer


"Originally" here is used to show that although the speaker lives in Los Angeles, she may not feel like that is where she is from because she grew up in Australia. It is usually used to refer to a place that a person has grown up in (like their hometown) or spent a lot of time in. You often hear people say they are "originally from" somewhere if they have moved and are living somewhere else. "From" can also be used to specify a person's origins, but it may not necessarily be their hometown or the place they consider home. It is often used to state the place that one is currently living in or has spent a lot of time in. For example, a person may say that they are from Los Angeles (current location) but that they are originally from Texas. Ex: Hey, my name is Katie. I'm from New Zealand. Ex: I live in NYC now, but I'm originally from Canada.

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