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What does "to growing up" mean here? Could you tell me how different "to growing up" and "grow up"?


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So here, the preposition "to" indicates where they went or "traveled to"- she's talking about a destination. "Growing up" refers to one's childhood years. It's a place she would "travel to growing up", which means she went to this place during her childhood years. "Grow + ing" is a gerund indicating a continuous action as you continuously grow during those years. "Grow up" means in the future when you are an adult. It's usually in reference to children or when you tell an adult not to act like a child in a rude way. Ex: This is a campsite that we travel to on the weekends! => "travel to" Ex: Growing up, I used to love riding my bike outside. Ex: Don't rush growing up, Jane. Enjoy being a child! Ex: When I grow up, I want to be a scientist. Ex: What do you want to be when you grow up? Ex: Grow up, Peter. Your jokes aren't funny.

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