option Definition

  • 1a thing that is or may be chosen; choice
  • 2the right to buy or sell something at a specified price within a set time

Using option: Examples

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    You have the option to take the stairs or the elevator.

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    I'm considering several options for my vacation.

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    The company granted me stock options as part of my compensation package.

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    The option to renew the lease is included in the rental agreement.

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Idioms Using option

  • a final choice or solution that is only considered when all other options have failed


    Bankruptcy should be seen as an option of last resort when all other attempts to resolve the financial difficulties have failed.

  • to force someone to do something because there are no other choices available


    The weather was so bad that it left us no option but to cancel the picnic.

  • weigh one's options

    to consider different choices or possibilities before making a decision


    Before accepting the job offer, she took some time to weigh her options and think about what was best for her career.

Phrases with option

  • keep one's options open

    to avoid making a decision or commitment, in order to retain the freedom to choose from a range of possibilities


    I haven't decided which job offer to accept yet. I'm keeping my options open.

  • to choose an extreme or drastic course of action, especially one that will cause widespread damage or destruction


    If the negotiations fail, the government may have to take the nuclear option and declare war.

  • the right to buy or use something at a later time, usually at a specified price


    The company has an option on the land for the next five years.

Origins of option

from Latin 'optio', meaning 'choice'


Summary: option in Brief

The term 'option' [ˈɑːpʃn] refers to a choice or alternative, as well as the right to buy or sell something at a specified price within a set time. It can be used in phrases like 'keep one's options open,' meaning to avoid making a decision or commitment, and idioms like 'weigh one's options,' denoting the act of considering different choices before making a decision.

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