necessity Definition

  • 1the state or fact of being required or indispensable
  • 2something that is necessary or required
  • 3the condition of being needy or destitute

Using necessity: Examples

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    Oxygen is a necessity for human life.

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    The company has cut back on expenses to reduce the necessity for layoffs.

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    A good education is a necessity in today's job market.

necessity Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for necessity

Phrases with necessity

  • because it is needed or required


    She took a second job out of necessity to pay her bills.

  • when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it


    The pandemic has shown us that necessity is the mother of invention, as many companies have had to pivot their business models to survive.

  • only the most essential things


    When camping, I bring only the bare necessities to keep my backpack light.

Origins of necessity

from Latin 'necessitas', meaning 'constraint, compulsion'


Summary: necessity in Brief

The term 'necessity' [nษ™หˆsesษ™ti] refers to something that is required or indispensable. It can also denote a state of need or destitution. Examples include 'Oxygen is a necessity for human life.' and 'A good education is a necessity in today's job market.' Phrases like 'out of necessity' and 'bare necessity' emphasize the essential nature of something.

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