bare Definition

  • 1not covered by clothing or a surface; naked
  • 2only just sufficient; not at all plentiful
  • 3without any extra or unnecessary details; plain

Using bare: Examples

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  • Example

    The tree was bare of leaves.

  • Example

    He had to sleep on a bare mattress.

  • Example

    The room was furnished in a bare style.

  • Example

    She made a bare living as a freelance writer.

bare Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with bare

  • reveal or uncover something that was previously hidden or secret


    The investigation laid bare the corruption within the company.

  • bare one's soul

    reveal one's innermost thoughts and feelings to someone


    In therapy, she was able to bare her soul and confront her deepest fears.

  • the basic and essential elements of something, without any details or embellishments


    The proposal was rejected because it only provided the bare bones of the plan.

Origins of bare

from Old English 'bær', meaning 'naked'


Summary: bare in Brief

The term 'bare' [beər] refers to something that is not covered or adorned, often with a sense of scarcity or simplicity. It can describe physical states like 'The tree was bare of leaves,' or more abstract ones like 'She made a bare living as a freelance writer.' The phrase 'lay something bare' means to reveal something hidden, while 'bare bones' refers to the essential elements of something.

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