meager Definition

  • 1lacking in quantity or quality; not having enough of something
  • 2thin and weak

Using meager: Examples

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  • Example

    The company offered me a meager salary.

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    The refugees were living in meager conditions.

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    He gave me a meager portion of food.

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    The garden produced a meager harvest this year.

meager Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with meager

  • meager resources

    limited or inadequate resources


    The organization had to make do with meager resources.

  • a life characterized by poverty or deprivation


    The family lived a meager existence in a small village.

  • meager pickings

    very little gain or reward from an activity or situation


    The team had meager pickings from the game, losing by a large margin.

Origins of meager

from Old French 'maigre', meaning 'lean, thin'


Summary: meager in Brief

The term 'meager' [ˈmiːɡər] describes a lack of quantity or quality, often indicating insufficiency or inadequacy. It can refer to physical or material conditions, as in 'The refugees were living in meager conditions,' or to abstract concepts like 'meager resources.' 'Meager' is also used to describe thinness or weakness, as in 'He was looking meager after his illness.'