existence Definition

  • 1the fact or state of living or being alive
  • 2the state of being present in the physical world
  • 3the way that someone lives, especially when this is impressive or interesting

Using existence: Examples

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    The existence of life on other planets is still a mystery.

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    He was grateful for his existence after surviving the accident.

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    The philosopher pondered the meaning of existence.

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    The existence of poverty in such a wealthy country is a tragedy.

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Idioms Using existence

  • to begin to exist


    The universe is believed to have come into existence billions of years ago.

  • to create or cause something to exist


    The artist brought a new style of painting into existence.

  • make a (good/bad) existence for oneself

    to establish a (positive/negative) way of living


    He worked hard to make a good existence for himself and his family.

Phrases with existence

  • a life that is only just enough to survive


    After losing his job, he was left with a bare existence.

  • a life that is unhappy and full of suffering


    Her abusive husband made her life a miserable existence.

  • a life of fame and public attention


    Living a celebrity existence can be both rewarding and exhausting.

Origins of existence

from Latin 'existentia', meaning 'being'


Summary: existence in Brief

The term 'existence' [ɪɡˈzɪstəns] refers to the state of living or being alive, the presence in the physical world, and the way someone lives. It encompasses concepts like 'bare existence,' denoting a life that is only just enough to survive, and 'celebrity existence,' referring to a life of fame and public attention. Idioms like 'come into existence' and 'bring something into existence' describe the process of creation, while 'make a (good/bad) existence for oneself' denotes establishing a positive or negative way of living.

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