celebrity Definition

  • 1a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport
  • 2the state of being well known

Using celebrity: Examples

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    The party was attended by many celebrities.

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    She became a celebrity overnight after her performance on the show.

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    The celebrity couple announced their divorce on social media.

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    He is a celebrity chef with his own cooking show.

celebrity Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using celebrity

  • 15 minutes of fame

    a short-lived period of celebrity or notoriety


    After her viral video, she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame before returning to her normal life.

  • bask in someone's reflected glory

    to enjoy the attention and admiration that someone else receives, often because of their association with a famous person


    She basked in her husband's reflected glory as a celebrity athlete.

  • something or someone that enjoys only brief success or popularity


    The band's first hit song was a flash in the pan, and they were never able to replicate its success.

Phrases with celebrity

  • the state of being famous and recognized by many people


    After winning the championship, he achieved celebrity status.

  • the phenomenon of people becoming famous for being famous, often through reality TV shows and social media


    Many people criticize the negative effects of celebrity culture on society.

  • the use of a celebrity's fame and popularity to promote a product or service


    The company paid a lot of money for the celebrity endorsement of their new perfume.

Origins of celebrity

from Latin 'celebritas', meaning 'multitude, fame'


Summary: celebrity in Brief

A 'celebrity' [səˈlebrəti] is a famous person, typically in entertainment or sports, who is well-known to the public. It can also refer to the state of being well-known. Phrases like 'celebrity status' and 'celebrity culture' describe the phenomenon of fame. Idioms like '15 minutes of fame' and 'flash in the pan' describe the fleeting nature of celebrity.

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