miserable Definition

  • 1very unhappy or uncomfortable
  • 2causing unhappiness or discomfort

Using miserable: Examples

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    She felt miserable after the breakup.

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    The weather was so miserable that we decided to stay indoors.

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    He lived in a miserable little apartment.

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    The team had a miserable season, losing almost every game.

miserable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using miserable

  • to do the best you can in a difficult situation


    The weather is miserable, but let's make the best of a bad job and go for a walk anyway.

  • feeling sad or depressed


    I've been feeling down in the dumps ever since I lost my job.

  • to feel sad or depressed


    I'm feeling a bit blue today. I think I need some fresh air.

Phrases with miserable

  • cause someone to feel very unhappy or uncomfortable


    The constant noise from the construction site is making me miserable.

  • a complete and utter failure


    The new product was a miserable failure, and the company lost a lot of money.

  • something or someone that is very poor or inadequate


    This is a miserable excuse for a meal. I can't eat this.

Origins of miserable

from Old French 'miserable', from Latin 'miserabilis', meaning 'pitiable'


Summary: miserable in Brief

'Miserable' [ˈmɪzrəbl] describes a state of great unhappiness or discomfort, as in 'She felt miserable after the breakup.' It can also describe something that causes such feelings, as in 'The weather was so miserable that we decided to stay indoors.' The phrase 'make someone miserable' refers to causing someone to feel unhappy or uncomfortable, while 'miserable failure' denotes a complete and utter failure. Idioms include 'make the best of a bad job,' 'down in the dumps,' and 'feel blue,' all referring to feeling sad or depressed.

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