unhappy Definition

  • 1not happy; sad or depressed
  • 2displeased or discontented; dissatisfied or unhappy with something

Using unhappy: Examples

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  • Example

    She was unhappy with her job and decided to quit.

  • Example

    The news made him very unhappy.

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    He looked unhappy and tired.

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    The unhappy child cried all night.

unhappy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unhappy

Phrases with unhappy

  • to cause someone to feel sad, disappointed, or displeased


    The decision to cancel the event made many people unhappy.

  • a marriage in which the partners are not happy and may be considering separation or divorce


    They tried to work things out, but it was clear that they were in an unhappy marriage.

  • a customer who is not satisfied with a product or service


    The store manager tried to appease the unhappy customer by offering a refund.


Summary: unhappy in Brief

The term 'unhappy' [ʌnˈhæpi] refers to a state of sadness or dissatisfaction. It can describe a person's emotional state, as in 'The unhappy child cried all night,' or a person's reaction to a situation, as in 'She was unhappy with her job and decided to quit.' 'Unhappy' has synonyms like 'miserable' and 'depressed,' and antonyms like 'happy' and 'satisfied.' Phrases like 'an unhappy marriage' and 'an unhappy customer' extend the term to specific contexts.

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