substantial Definition

  • 1of considerable importance, size, or worth
  • 2strongly built or made
  • 3ample; sustaining; nourishing

Using substantial: Examples

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  • Example

    The company has made a substantial profit this year.

  • Example

    She received a substantial raise in her salary.

  • Example

    The building is made of substantial materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Example

    The meal was quite substantial and left us feeling full for hours.

  • Example

    The evidence against him is substantial and convincing.

substantial Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with substantial

  • a large or significant quantity of something


    He spent a substantial amount of money on his new car.

  • evidence that is strong and convincing


    The prosecution presented substantial evidence against the defendant.

  • a meal that is filling and satisfying


    The restaurant serves substantial meals that are perfect for a hungry traveler.

Origins of substantial

from Latin 'substantialis', meaning 'having substance'


Summary: substantial in Brief

The term 'substantial' [səbˈstænʃl] refers to something of considerable importance, size, or worth. It can also mean strongly built or made, as in 'The building is made of substantial materials.' Additionally, it can describe something that is ample, sustaining, or nourishing, like a 'substantial meal.' Synonyms include 'significant' and 'sizeable,' while antonyms include 'insignificant' and 'trivial.'

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