solid Definition

  • 1firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid
  • 2strongly built or made of strong materials; not easily broken or destroyed
  • 3having three dimensions; not flat

Using solid: Examples

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  • Example

    The ice had turned solid overnight.

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    The wall was made of solid concrete.

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    He has a solid reputation in the industry.

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    The company's financial position is solid.

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    The table is made of solid oak.

solid Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using solid

  • extremely strong and stable


    The foundation of the building is solid as a rock.

  • a person who is reliable, trustworthy, and law-abiding


    He was known in the community as a solid citizen.

  • a successful and popular song, movie, or other creative work


    Their latest album has several solid hits.

Phrases with solid

  • a firm and stable surface that is not likely to move or give way


    After days at sea, it was good to feel solid ground beneath their feet again.

  • made entirely of gold, without any other metals mixed in


    The watch was expensive because it was made of solid gold.

  • food that is not in liquid form


    The baby is now old enough to eat solid food.

Origins of solid

from Latin 'solidus', meaning 'firm, whole'


Summary: solid in Brief

The term 'solid' [ˈsɑːlɪd] refers to something that is firm and stable in shape, strongly built or made of strong materials, and having three dimensions. It can be used to describe physical objects, reputations, financial positions, and more. Examples include 'The ice had turned solid overnight,' and 'The table is made of solid oak.' Idioms like 'solid as a rock' denote extreme strength and stability, while 'a solid citizen' refers to a reliable and trustworthy person.

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