dense Definition

  • 1closely compacted in substance
  • 2difficult to understand or penetrate
  • 3stupid

Using dense: Examples

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  • Example

    The dense forest was difficult to navigate.

  • Example

    The textbook was so dense that I had to read it twice.

  • Example

    He's a bit dense when it comes to social cues.

dense Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using dense

  • extremely stupid or unintelligent


    I tried explaining the concept to him, but he's as dense as a brick.

  • full of something, usually people or objects


    The room was dense with smoke from the fire.

  • very thick or crowded


    The city streets were as dense as a forest during rush hour.

Phrases with dense

  • a high concentration of people living in a particular area


    Tokyo has a very dense population.

  • a thick fog that reduces visibility


    The dense fog made driving very dangerous.

  • thick and full hair


    She has dense hair that is difficult to style.

Origins of dense

from Latin 'densus'


Summary: dense in Brief

The term 'dense' [dens] can refer to substances that are closely compacted, such as a dense forest, or to concepts that are difficult to understand, like a dense textbook. It can also mean stupid, as in 'He's a bit dense when it comes to social cues.' Phrases include 'dense population,' 'dense fog,' and 'dense hair.' Idioms include 'dense as a brick,' meaning extremely stupid, and 'dense with,' meaning full of something.

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