impenetrable Definition

  • 1impossible to pass through or enter
  • 2impossible to understand

Using impenetrable: Examples

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    The fortress was surrounded by an impenetrable wall.

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    The meaning of the poem was impenetrable to me.

  • Example

    The company's financial report was filled with impenetrable jargon.

impenetrable Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for impenetrable

Antonyms for impenetrable

Phrases with impenetrable

  • complete and total darkness that makes it impossible to see anything


    The cave was filled with impenetrable darkness, making it difficult to navigate.

  • a situation or problem that is impossible to understand or solve


    The disappearance of the plane remains an impenetrable mystery to this day.

  • a defense that is impossible to break through or overcome


    The team's impenetrable defense helped them win the championship.


Summary: impenetrable in Brief

The term 'impenetrable' [ɪmˈpɛnɪtrəbəl] describes something that is impossible to pass through or enter, such as a fortress wall, or impossible to understand, like a complex financial report. It has synonyms like 'impervious' and 'inaccessible,' and antonyms like 'penetrable' and 'understandable.' The phrase 'impenetrable darkness' refers to complete darkness, while 'impenetrable mystery' denotes an unsolvable problem. 'Impenetrable defense' describes a defense that is impossible to break through.

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