darkness Definition

  • 1the partial or total absence of light
  • 2a state of being uninformed or unenlightened

Using darkness: Examples

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  • Example

    The room was filled with darkness.

  • Example

    The darkness of the night made it difficult to see.

  • Example

    He was afraid of the darkness.

  • Example

    The darkness of ignorance can be dispelled by education.

darkness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with darkness

  • uninformed or unaware of something


    I'm completely in the dark about what happened.

  • throw/shed light on something

    to provide information or clarification about something


    The new evidence sheds light on the mystery.

  • a person or thing that is little known, but may unexpectedly achieve success


    The young athlete was a dark horse in the competition, but ended up winning the gold medal.


Summary: darkness in Brief

The term 'darkness' [ˈdɑːrk.nəs] refers to the absence of light, and can also denote a lack of knowledge or understanding. It can be used in phrases like 'in the dark,' meaning uninformed, and 'throw/shed light on something,' meaning to clarify. 'Dark horse' refers to an unknown person or thing that may unexpectedly succeed.

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