obscurity Definition

  • 1the state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant
  • 2the quality of being difficult to understand

Using obscurity: Examples

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    The author's work fell into obscurity after his death.

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    The details of the incident remain shrouded in obscurity.

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    The meaning of the poem is lost in obscurity.

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    The band never achieved anything beyond obscurity.

obscurity Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for obscurity

Phrases with obscurity

  • to become gradually less well-known and eventually forgotten


    After the scandal, the politician faded into obscurity.

  • to suddenly become unknown or forgotten


    The once-popular singer plunged into obscurity after her last album failed to sell.

  • to become known or famous after a period of being unknown


    The young actor emerged from obscurity to become a Hollywood star.

Origins of obscurity

from Latin 'obscuritas', meaning 'darkness'


Summary: obscurity in Brief

The term 'obscurity' [əbˈskjʊərɪti] refers to the state of being unknown, unimportant, or difficult to understand. It can describe a lack of clarity or fame, as in 'The author's work fell into obscurity after his death.' Phrases like 'fade into obscurity' and 'plunge into obscurity' describe the process of becoming forgotten, while 'emerge from obscurity' describes becoming famous after a period of being unknown.