illumination Definition

  • 1the act of lighting something or the state of being lit
  • 2clarification or explanation of something
  • 3spiritual or intellectual enlightenment

Using illumination: Examples

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  • Example

    The illumination of the city skyline at night is breathtaking.

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    The illumination of the manuscript revealed previously unknown details.

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    The book provides illumination on the subject of quantum mechanics.

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    The guru offered spiritual illumination to his followers.

illumination Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for illumination

Idioms Using illumination

  • to provide clarification or explanation on a topic


    The expert's report threw light on the cause of the accident.

  • from a different perspective or with new information


    After reading the biography, I saw the artist in a new light.

  • to reveal or clarify something that was previously unknown or unclear


    The investigation shed light on the company's unethical practices.

Phrases with illumination

  • self-illumination

    the process of gaining knowledge or understanding through one's own efforts


    He achieved self-illumination by reading books and attending lectures.

  • a state of mental clarity or enlightenment


    The meditation practice helped her achieve illumination of mind.

  • the process of adding decoration, illustration, or color to a manuscript or printed work


    The illumination of the medieval manuscript was done by skilled artists.

Origins of illumination

from Latin 'illuminatio', meaning 'lighting up'


Summary: illumination in Brief

The term 'illumination' [ɪˌluːmɪˈneɪʃən] refers to the act of lighting or the state of being lit, as well as clarification or explanation of something, and spiritual or intellectual enlightenment. Examples include the illumination of a city skyline, a manuscript, or a subject like quantum mechanics. Phrases like 'self-illumination' and 'illumination of mind' denote personal growth, while idioms like 'throw light on something' and 'shed light on something' refer to revealing or clarifying information.