defense Definition

  • 1the action of defending from or resisting attack
  • 2the case presented by or on behalf of the party being accused or sued in a lawsuit

Using defense: Examples

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    The country's defense system is one of the strongest in the world.

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    The lawyer presented a strong defense for his client.

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    The team's defense was able to stop the opposing team from scoring.

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    The company's defense against the allegations was weak.

defense Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for defense

Idioms Using defense

  • in a position of having to defend oneself or one's actions


    The politician was on the defense during the debate, constantly having to explain his policies.

  • play defense

    to take measures to protect oneself or something from harm or danger


    The company decided to play defense and implement stricter security measures after a data breach.

  • an unconscious psychological mechanism used to protect oneself from anxiety or emotional pain


    Her constant joking was a defense mechanism to hide her insecurities.

Phrases with defense

  • as a justification or explanation for something


    He spoke in defense of his actions during the meeting.

  • a series of measures or actions taken to protect against something


    The company has multiple lines of defense against cyber attacks.

  • self-defense

    the act of protecting oneself from harm or danger


    She took self-defense classes to feel more confident walking alone at night.

Origins of defense

from Old French 'defens', from Latin 'defensus', past participle of 'defendere', meaning 'ward off, protect'


Summary: defense in Brief

The term 'defense' [dɪˈfɛns] refers to the act of protecting from or resisting attack, as well as the case presented by the accused party in a lawsuit. It can be exemplified by 'The country's defense system is one of the strongest in the world.' 'Defense' extends into phrases like 'line of defense,' and idioms like 'play defense,' denoting protective measures, and 'defense mechanism,' referring to unconscious psychological mechanisms.

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