shelter Definition

  • 1a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger
  • 2an establishment that provides a home for homeless people, orphans, or animals
  • 3protective covering or structure providing protection from enemy fire or from the weather

Using shelter: Examples

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  • Example

    The campers took shelter under the trees during the rainstorm.

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    The animal shelter is always looking for volunteers to help care for the animals.

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    The soldiers found shelter in a nearby cave during the attack.

shelter Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for shelter

Idioms Using shelter

  • under someone's sheltering wing

    under someone's protection or care


    The young artist was taken under the sheltering wing of a famous painter.

  • a life that is protected from the difficulties and challenges of the world


    Growing up in a wealthy family, she led a sheltered life and was not prepared for the realities of the working world.

  • protection from a difficult or dangerous situation


    The support of her friends provided shelter from the storm of her recent breakup.

Phrases with shelter

  • to find a place of protection from bad weather or danger


    We need to take shelter before the storm hits.

  • to stay indoors and take immediate shelter during an emergency, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack


    The school went into lockdown and students were told to shelter in place until the police arrived.

  • women's shelter

    a safe place for women who are victims of domestic violence or abuse


    She was able to escape her abusive partner and find refuge at a women's shelter.

Origins of shelter

from Old English 'sceald', meaning 'shallow' or 'covered'


Summary: shelter in Brief

The term 'shelter' [ˈʃɛltər] refers to a place of protection from danger or bad weather. It can be a temporary or permanent establishment that provides refuge for homeless people, animals, orphans, etc. The phrase 'take shelter' means to find a place of safety, while 'shelter in place' means to stay indoors during an emergency. Idioms like 'under someone's sheltering wing' and 'shelter from the storm' denote protection and refuge from difficult situations.

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