place Definition

  • 1a particular position or point in space
  • 2an area, town, building, etc., used for a particular purpose
  • 3a position in a sequence or hierarchy

Using place: Examples

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  • Example

    I can't find my place in the book.

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    This is a great place to have a picnic.

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    He took first place in the race.

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    She's in a good place right now.

place Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for place

Idioms Using place

  • to remind someone of their lower status or inferiority


    The boss put the new employee in their place when they tried to give orders.

  • know one's place

    to understand and accept one's position in society or a hierarchy


    She knows her place in the company and doesn't try to overstep her boundaries.

  • disorganized or chaotic


    Her thoughts were all over the place during the exam.

Phrases with place

  • to happen or occur


    The concert will take place next week.

  • in the correct or appropriate position


    Make sure all the furniture is in place before the guests arrive.

  • not in the correct or appropriate position


    The vase looked out of place on the shelf.

Origins of place

from Old English 'plæse', meaning 'open space'


Summary: place in Brief

The term 'place' [pleɪs] refers to a specific position or point in space, an area or building used for a particular purpose, or a position in a sequence or hierarchy. It is used in phrases like 'take place,' meaning to happen, and idioms like 'put someone in their place,' meaning to remind someone of their inferiority. 'Place' has formal synonyms like 'location' and 'position,' and informal ones like 'spot' and 'joint.'

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