know Definition

  • 1to have information in your mind as a result of experience or study
  • 2to be certain that something is true or exists
  • 3to be familiar with someone or something

Using know: Examples

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  • Example

    I know how to play the guitar.

  • Example

    I know that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

  • Example

    Do you know John?

  • Example

    I don't know what to do.

know Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using know

  • used to say that anything can happen and it is impossible to be sure about the future


    You never know, maybe you'll win the lottery someday.

  • to be familiar with the procedures and methods of doing something


    He knows the ropes of this job better than anyone else.

  • to understand where one's interests lie and act accordingly


    He knows which side his bread is buttered on and always agrees with the boss.

Phrases with know

  • to have memorized something completely


    She knows all the lyrics to that song by heart.

  • to be absolutely certain about something


    I know for a fact that he didn't steal the money.

  • know one's way around

    to be familiar with a place or situation


    She knows her way around the city like a local.

Origins of know

from Old English 'cnāwan'


Summary: know in Brief

The verb 'know' [noʊ] refers to having information in one's mind from experience or study, being certain of something, or being familiar with someone or something. It is often used in phrases like 'know by heart,' meaning to have memorized something completely, and idioms like 'you never know,' implying uncertainty about the future. 'Know' has formal synonyms like 'be acquainted with' and informal ones like 'figure out.'

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