grasp Definition

  • 1to take hold of something tightly with the hands
  • 2to understand something completely
  • 3to have a clear idea or knowledge of something

Using grasp: Examples

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  • Example

    He grasped my hand tightly.

  • Example

    She grasped the concept quickly.

  • Example

    I can't grasp the meaning of this sentence.

  • Example

    The company needs to grasp the importance of social media.

grasp Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with grasp

  • to make a desperate attempt at finding a solution to a problem


    He's grasping at straws trying to find a way out of his financial troubles.

  • within someone's grasp

    able to be achieved or obtained by someone


    The championship is within their grasp if they win this game.

  • to confront a difficult situation with courage and determination


    The CEO decided to grasp the nettle and make some tough decisions to save the company.

Origins of grasp

from Old English 'græppian', meaning 'to seize'


Summary: grasp in Brief

The verb 'grasp' [ɡræsp] has two main meanings: to take hold of something tightly with the hands, and to understand something completely. It can refer to physical or abstract concepts, such as 'He grasped my hand tightly' and 'She grasped the concept quickly.' The phrase 'grasp at straws' denotes a desperate attempt to find a solution, while 'within someone's grasp' means something is achievable. 'Grasp the nettle' is an idiom that means to confront a difficult situation with courage.

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