exposed Definition

  • 1not covered or protected; visible or open to view
  • 2left without shelter or protection, especially from bad weather
  • 3revealed or made known, especially something unpleasant or damaging

Using exposed: Examples

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  • Example

    The wires were exposed and posed a danger to anyone who touched them.

  • Example

    The house was completely exposed to the elements after the tornado.

  • Example

    The scandal exposed the corruption within the company.

  • Example

    The documentary exposed the harsh reality of life in poverty.

  • Example

    She felt exposed and vulnerable in front of the large audience.

exposed Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with exposed

  • exposed nerve

    a nerve that is no longer protected by the tooth enamel and is therefore sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks


    He winced in pain when the dentist touched his exposed nerve.

  • subjected to, put at risk of


    The workers were exposed to dangerous chemicals without proper protective gear.

  • brickwork that has been left uncovered and visible as a decorative feature


    The loft apartment had beautiful exposed brick walls.


Summary: exposed in Brief

The term 'exposed' [ษชkหˆspษ™สŠzd] refers to something that is not covered or protected, such as wires or a house left without shelter. It can also mean something revealed or made known, often something unpleasant or damaging, as in a scandal or documentary. 'Exposed' can be used in phrases like 'exposed nerve,' referring to a sensitive tooth nerve, or 'exposed to,' meaning subjected to or at risk of. The term is often used informally to mean 'out in the open' or 'in the clear.'