hidden Definition

  • 1kept out of sight; concealed
  • 2difficult to find or discover

Using hidden: Examples

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  • Example

    The treasure was hidden in a secret location.

  • Example

    She has a hidden talent for singing.

  • Example

    The true meaning of the poem is hidden behind complex metaphors.

  • Example

    He had a hidden agenda all along.

hidden Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with hidden

  • something that is not well known but is of high quality or value


    This restaurant is a hidden gem, with amazing food and affordable prices.

  • a camera that is used to secretly record people or events


    The journalist used a hidden camera to expose corruption in the government.

  • additional expenses that are not immediately apparent or included in the original price


    Be aware of hidden costs when buying a house, such as property taxes and maintenance fees.


Summary: hidden in Brief

The term 'hidden' [ˈhɪdən] refers to something kept out of sight or difficult to find. It can describe physical objects like 'The treasure was hidden in a secret location,' or abstract concepts like 'The true meaning of the poem is hidden behind complex metaphors.' 'Hidden' extends into phrases like 'hidden gem,' denoting something of high quality or value that is not well known, and 'hidden costs,' referring to additional expenses not immediately apparent.

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