requirement Definition

  • 1something that is needed or demanded
  • 2a qualification, skill, or experience that is necessary for a particular job or activity

Using requirement: Examples

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    The basic requirements for the job are a degree and three years of experience.

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    The software has high system requirements.

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    The company has strict requirements for its suppliers.

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    Meeting the requirements of the project will be challenging.

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Idioms Using requirement

  • a task or requirement that is difficult to achieve or fulfill


    Completing the project within a week is a tall order, but we'll do our best.

  • to meet the required standard or level of performance


    If you want to get into this college, you need to meet the grade in your academic performance.

  • meeting the required standard or level of quality


    The new employee's work is not up to scratch, so we need to provide additional training.

Phrases with requirement

  • a condition that must be met before being admitted to a school, program, or institution


    The entry requirements for the university include a minimum GPA and standardized test scores.

  • the lowest acceptable level of a particular standard or criterion


    The minimum requirements for the job are a high school diploma and basic computer skills.

  • a specific need or demand that is unique to a particular situation or individual


    The hotel accommodates guests with special requirements, such as wheelchair accessibility and dietary restrictions.

Origins of requirement

from Old French 'requerre', meaning 'to seek'


Summary: requirement in Brief

The term 'requirement' [rɪˈkwaɪəmənt] refers to something that is needed or demanded, such as qualifications, skills, or experiences for a job or activity. Examples include 'The basic requirements for the job are a degree and three years of experience.' and 'The software has high system requirements.' Phrases like 'entry requirement' and idioms like 'a tall order' add nuances to the concept of meeting standards.

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