tall Definition

  • 1of great or more than average height, especially (with reference to an object) relative to width
  • 2having a specified height

Using tall: Examples

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  • Example

    The tall building was visible from miles away.

  • Example

    He is taller than his brother.

  • Example

    She ordered a tall coffee at the cafe.

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    The basketball player is very tall.

tall Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for tall

Phrases with tall

  • stand tall

    to be brave and confident in a difficult situation


    Despite the criticism, she stood tall and defended her position.

  • a task or goal that is difficult to achieve


    Completing the project within a week is a tall order, but we'll do our best.

  • tall tale

    an exaggerated or improbable story


    He told a tall tale about catching a fish as big as a car.


Summary: tall in Brief

The adjective 'tall' [tɔːl] describes objects or people of great height, often in relation to width. It can also indicate a specified height, as in 'She ordered a tall coffee at the cafe.' The phrase 'stand tall' means to be brave and confident, while 'tall order' refers to a difficult task or goal. A 'tall tale' is an exaggerated or improbable story.

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