low Definition

  • 1situated not far above the ground, or of less than average height
  • 2not high or tall; not above the ground or higher than other things
  • 3having a small distance from the bottom to the top

Using low: Examples

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  • Example

    The chair is too low for the table.

  • Example

    The plane flew low over the city.

  • Example

    The sun is low in the sky.

  • Example

    He spoke in a low voice.

low Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using low

  • to keep oneself hidden or out of sight


    After the robbery, he decided to lay low for a while.

  • take the low road

    to choose the easier or less honorable path


    He decided to take the low road and cheat on the exam.

  • to feel sad or depressed


    After the breakup, she felt really low for a few weeks.

Phrases with low

  • an unfair or unsporting remark or action


    His comment about her family was a low blow.

  • the state of the tide when at its lowest level


    We can walk along the beach at low tide.

  • a deliberately low or inconspicuous approach or appearance


    The celebrity kept a low profile while visiting the city.

Origins of low

from Old Norse 'lagr', meaning 'low'


Summary: low in Brief

The term 'low' [loʊ] refers to something situated not far above the ground or of less than average height. It can also mean having a small distance from the bottom to the top. 'Low' is used in phrases like 'low blow,' referring to an unfair remark or action, and 'lay low,' meaning to keep oneself hidden or out of sight. The idiom 'take the low road' denotes choosing the easier or less honorable path.

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