lofty Definition

  • 1of imposing height or altitude, especially of a building or mountain
  • 2of a noble or exalted nature
  • 3arrogantly or condescendingly superior in manner

Using lofty: Examples

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  • Example

    The castle had a lofty tower that overlooked the entire valley.

  • Example

    She had lofty ambitions of becoming a world-renowned scientist.

  • Example

    He spoke in a lofty tone, as if he were above everyone else.

lofty Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for lofty

Phrases with lofty

  • noble or high-minded principles or goals


    The organization was founded on lofty ideals of justice and equality.

  • lofty mountains

    mountains that are very high and imposing


    The Himalayas are known for their lofty peaks.

  • lofty expectations

    expectations that are very high or difficult to achieve


    The coach had lofty expectations for his team this season.

Origins of lofty

from Middle English 'loft', meaning 'air, sky' and '-y', meaning 'full of'


Summary: lofty in Brief

The term 'lofty' [ˈlɒfti] describes things that are tall or elevated, such as buildings or mountains. It can also refer to noble or high-minded ideals, or to an arrogant or condescending manner. Examples include 'The castle had a lofty tower' and 'She had lofty ambitions.'