elevated Definition

  • 1situated or placed higher than the surrounding area
  • 2raised to a more important or impressive level

Using elevated: Examples

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    The house is built on an elevated site with a beautiful view of the ocean.

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    The company's profits have reached an elevated level this year.

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    His speech was elevated and inspiring, leaving the audience in awe.

elevated Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with elevated

  • a railway that is built on a structure above the ground level


    The city's elevated railway system is a convenient way to travel around town.

  • a medical condition where the force of blood against the artery walls is consistently too high


    He was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and was prescribed medication to manage it.

  • a raised platform used for public speaking or performances


    The speaker stood on the elevated platform to address the crowd.


Summary: elevated in Brief

The term 'elevated' [ˈɛləveɪtɪd] refers to something that is situated higher than its surroundings or raised to a more important or impressive level. It can describe physical structures like an elevated railway or platform, as well as non-physical things like blood pressure or speech. Synonyms include 'lofty' and 'towering,' while antonyms include 'lowered' and 'ground-level.'

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