short Definition

  • 1measuring a small distance from end to end
  • 2lasting only a little time
  • 3not having enough of something, especially money

Using short: Examples

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  • Example

    The skirt is too short for me.

  • Example

    I had a short conversation with him before he left.

  • Example

    I'm a bit short on cash this month.

short Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with short

  • to sum up or give a brief conclusion


    In short, we need to work harder if we want to succeed.

  • to not reach a particular level or standard


    The company's profits fell short of expectations this year.

  • to stop something before it has finished


    We had to cut short our vacation because of the bad weather.


Summary: short in Brief

The word 'short' [ʃɔːt] can describe something that is small in size or duration, as in 'The skirt is too short for me.' It can also refer to a lack of something, particularly money, as in 'I'm a bit short on cash this month.' Common phrases include 'in short,' meaning to summarize, and 'fall short,' meaning to not meet a standard. 'Short' is an informal way to say 'little' or 'tiny,' while more formal synonyms include 'concise' and 'succinct.'

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