cut Definition

  • 1to divide or make an opening in something, using a sharp tool, especially a knife
  • 2to remove something from something else using a sharp tool, especially a knife
  • 3to reduce the amount of something

Using cut: Examples

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  • Example

    I cut my finger while chopping vegetables.

  • Example

    She cut her hair short.

  • Example

    The company is cutting jobs to save money.

cut Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with cut

  • cut and dried

    already decided and unlikely to be changed


    The plan is cut and dried, we just need to implement it.

  • cut corners

    to do something in the easiest, cheapest, or quickest way, often sacrificing quality


    They cut corners on the construction of the building, leading to safety issues.

  • to meet expectations or perform satisfactorily


    He didn't cut the mustard in the interview and didn't get the job.


Summary: cut in Brief

To 'cut' [kʌt] means to divide or make an opening in something with a sharp tool, remove something using a sharp tool, or reduce the amount of something. It can refer to physical actions like cutting hair or vegetables, or metaphorical actions like cutting jobs. Phrases like 'cut and dried' mean already decided, 'cut corners' means doing something in the easiest way, and 'cut the mustard' means meeting expectations.

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