dried Definition

  • 1(of a substance) having had all the water removed; not wet
  • 2(of food) preserved by removing the moisture from it
  • 3(of a flower or plant) having had the moisture removed in order to preserve it

Using dried: Examples

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  • Example

    She bought a bag of dried fruits and nuts.

  • Example

    The clothes were hung out to dry and became dried in the sun.

  • Example

    Dried flowers are often used for decoration.

  • Example

    The beef jerky was made from dried meat.

dried Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with dried

  • dried up

    to become exhausted or depleted, especially in terms of creativity or productivity


    After writing for hours, his inspiration dried up.

  • to become dry or drier than before


    The river dried out during the summer months.

  • dried and true

    a play on the phrase 'tried and true,' meaning something that has been tested and proven to be reliable


    This recipe is dried and true, I've been making it for years.


Summary: dried in Brief

The term 'dried' [drahyd] describes a substance that has had all its water removed, such as dried fruits and meat. It also refers to the process of removing moisture from food or flowers. The phrase 'dried up' means to become exhausted or depleted, while 'dried out' means to become dry. 'Dried and true' is a play on the phrase 'tried and true,' referring to something that has been tested and proven reliable.

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