moist Definition

  • 1slightly wet, often in a way that is pleasant or desirable
  • 2having a lot of moisture in the air

Using moist: Examples

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  • Example

    The cake was perfectly moist and delicious.

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    The air was so moist that my hair became frizzy.

  • Example

    She wiped her face with a moist towel.

moist Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with moist

  • a small, damp piece of cloth used for cleaning hands or face


    The flight attendant handed out moist towelettes to the passengers.

  • a cosmetic cream that adds moisture to the skin


    She applied moisturizing cream to her face before going to bed.

  • a climate with high humidity and abundant rainfall


    The Amazon rainforest has a moist climate.


Summary: moist in Brief

The term 'moist' [mɔɪst] refers to something that is slightly wet, often in a pleasant way, or having a lot of moisture in the air. It can describe food, weather, or objects, such as a moist towelette. 'Moist' can also be used to describe skincare products, like moisturizing cream, or climates, like a moist climate.

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