terse Definition

  • 1using few words; devoid of superfluity
  • 2abruptly concise; curt

Using terse: Examples

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  • Example

    His response was terse and to the point.

  • Example

    She gave a terse nod of agreement.

  • Example

    The boss's email was terse and unhelpful.

terse Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with terse

  • using very few words; in a curt or abrupt way


    He replied in a terse manner, indicating that he was not interested in continuing the conversation.

  • a brief and abrupt response to a question or statement


    Her terse reply indicated that she was not in the mood for talking.

  • a writing or speaking style that is characterized by brevity and conciseness


    Hemingway is known for his terse style of writing.

Origins of terse

from Latin 'tersus', meaning 'wiped, polished'


Summary: terse in Brief

The term 'terse' [tɜːs] refers to language that is brief and to the point, without unnecessary words. It can also imply a curt or abrupt tone. Examples include 'His response was terse and to the point.' and 'The boss's email was terse and unhelpful.' 'Terse' can be used in phrases like 'in a terse manner,' and 'terse reply,' and is often associated with a concise writing or speaking style.