succinct Definition

  • 1briefly and clearly expressed
  • 2using few words to give the necessary information

Using succinct: Examples

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  • Example

    The report is a succinct summary of the main points.

  • Example

    She gave a succinct account of her reasons for resigning.

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    His speech was clear and succinct, leaving no room for confusion.

succinct Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with succinct

  • a way of writing or speaking that is brief and clear


    The author's succinct style makes his books easy to read.

  • used to say that something has been expressed in a brief and clear way


    He succinctly put the problem: we don't have enough money to finish the project.

  • a brief and clear expression of an idea or opinion


    Her succinct statement summed up the situation perfectly.

Origins of succinct

from Latin 'succinctus', meaning 'girded from below'


Summary: succinct in Brief

The term 'succinct' [səkˈsɪŋkt] refers to expressing oneself briefly and clearly, often using few words. It is synonymous with 'concise,' 'terse,' and 'pithy.' Examples of its usage include 'The report is a succinct summary of the main points.' 'Succinct' can be used in phrases like 'succinct style' and 'succinctly put,' which denote brevity and clarity.