laconic Definition

  • 1using very few words to express oneself
  • 2brief, concise, terse

Using laconic: Examples

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    His laconic response was 'No comment.'

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    The instructions were laconic but clear.

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    She has a laconic writing style that is both elegant and efficient.

laconic Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with laconic

  • a type of humor that relies on brevity and understatement


    His laconic wit was legendary among his friends.

  • a concise and memorable statement that captures the essence of a complex idea or situation


    The laconic phrase 'less is more' has become a popular design principle.

  • a style of speaking that uses few words and is often associated with stoicism or indifference


    His laconic speech made it difficult to know what he was really thinking.

Origins of laconic

from Greek 'Lakōnikos', meaning 'Spartan'


Summary: laconic in Brief

The term 'laconic' [luh-kon-ik] refers to a communication style that uses very few words to express oneself. It is often associated with brevity, concision, and efficiency, as in 'The instructions were laconic but clear.' 'Laconic' extends into phrases like 'laconic wit,' denoting a type of humor that relies on understatement, and 'laconic phrase,' referring to a concise and memorable statement.