tiny Definition

very small in size or amount.

Using tiny: Examples

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    The tiny kitten fit in the palm of my hand.

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    She has a tiny apartment in the city.

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    The company made only a tiny profit this quarter.

tiny Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for tiny

Phrases with tiny

  • a small, often mobile, house that is typically less than 500 square feet


    They decided to downsize and live in a tiny house.

  • tiny dancer

    a song by Elton John about a young ballerina


    I love listening to 'Tiny Dancer' while driving.

  • young children, especially those who are very small or young


    The daycare center is for tiny tots aged 6 months to 3 years old.


Summary: tiny in Brief

The word 'tiny' [ˈtaɪni] describes something that is very small in size or amount. It can refer to physical objects like a tiny kitten or a tiny apartment, or to small profits or amounts. 'Tiny' is often used in phrases like 'tiny house,' which refers to a small, often mobile, house, and 'tiny tots,' which refers to young children.

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