special Definition

  • 1better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual
  • 2designed or organized for a particular person, purpose, or occasion
  • 3belonging specifically to a particular person or place

Using special: Examples

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    This is a special occasion.

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    She has a special talent for music.

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    He made a special effort to be there.

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    The restaurant has a special menu for vegetarians.

special Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for special

Idioms Using special

  • to do something extra or different to make an occasion or experience more memorable or enjoyable


    I want to make her birthday special by baking her favorite cake and planning a surprise party.

  • not particularly interesting, remarkable, or unusual


    How was your day? - Nothing special, just work and errands.

  • a person who thinks they are unique, special, or entitled to special treatment


    He always complains about not getting what he wants, like he's some kind of special snowflake.

Phrases with special

  • particular requirements of people who need extra help or support due to physical, mental, or emotional disabilities


    The school has a program for children with special needs.

  • special effects

    visual or sound effects used in film, television, or theater to create illusions or enhance the storytelling


    The movie's special effects were impressive and realistic.

  • a postal service that delivers mail or packages faster than regular mail, often with additional fees


    I need this package to arrive tomorrow, so I'll send it by special delivery.

Origins of special

from Old French 'especial', from Latin 'specialis', from 'species'


Summary: special in Brief

The term 'special' [ˈspɛʃəl] refers to something better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual. It can also mean designed or organized for a particular person, purpose, or occasion, or belonging specifically to a particular person or place. 'Special' extends into phrases like 'special needs,' and idioms like 'make something special,' denoting extra effort or uniqueness.

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