no Definition

  • 1a negative response or decision
  • 2not any
  • 3used to show disagreement or refusal

Using no: Examples

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  • Example

    No, I don't want to go to the party.

  • Example

    There are no cookies left in the jar.

  • Example

    No, I won't lend you any money.

no Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with no

  • used to say that something is impossible or will not happen


    There's no way I'm going to that party.

  • used to say that something can be done easily or without difficulty


    Can you help me move this table? - No problem!

  • used to say that you do not want to talk about a particular subject


    When asked about the scandal, the politician had no comment.


Summary: no in Brief

The word 'no' [nəʊ] is a negative response or decision, indicating disagreement or refusal. It can also mean 'not any,' as in 'There are no cookies left in the jar.' Common phrases include 'no way,' meaning impossible, 'no problem,' meaning easy, and 'no comment,' indicating unwillingness to discuss a topic.

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