yes Definition

  • 1used to give an affirmative response or to express agreement
  • 2used to indicate willingness or consent

Using yes: Examples

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  • Example

    Yes, I would like some coffee.

  • Example

    Yes, I agree with your proposal.

  • Example

    Yes, you can borrow my car.

  • Example

    Yes, I am willing to help.

yes Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with yes

  • a person who always agrees with their superiors or with people in authority, often to gain an advantage


    He was accused of being a yes man, always agreeing with the boss.

  • to agree to do something


    I decided to say yes to the job offer.

  • a choice between two opposite answers, either 'yes' or 'no'


    The question is simple, it's just a matter of yes or no.


Summary: yes in Brief

The word 'yes' [jes] is an exclamation used to indicate agreement or consent. It is often used in response to questions or proposals, such as 'Yes, I agree with your proposal.' 'Yes' can also be used to indicate willingness, as in 'Yes, I am willing to help.' Phrases like 'yes man' and 'say yes to something' are also common.

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