resort Definition

  • 1a place where people go for a holiday or to spend time and relax
  • 2to do something that you do not want to do because you cannot find any other way of achieving something

Using resort: Examples

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    We're going to a ski resort in the mountains.

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    The hotel is a popular resort for honeymooners.

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    I had to resort to using a hammer to get the lid off the jar.

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    He resorted to cheating on the exam because he didn't study.

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Idioms Using resort

  • to turn to someone or something as a means of achieving something, especially when no other options are available


    He had to resort to borrowing money from his parents to pay the rent.

  • a vacation destination that caters to families with children


    The water park is a popular family resort during the summer months.

  • a last-ditch resort

    a final attempt to achieve something, often when all other options have failed


    The company's last-ditch resort was to file for bankruptcy.

Phrases with resort

  • a final option when all else has failed


    Filing a lawsuit should be your last resort.

  • to use military force to achieve a goal


    The government may have to resort to arms to maintain order.

  • a place where people go to improve their health, often with natural mineral springs or hot springs


    The town is famous for its health resorts and spas.

Origins of resort

from Old French 'resortir', meaning 'to go out again'


Summary: resort in Brief

The term 'resort' [riˈzɔːt] refers to a place where people go to relax or spend time, such as a holiday destination. It can also mean to do something as a last option, as in 'He resorted to cheating on the exam because he didn't study.' Phrases like 'last resort' and 'resort to arms' denote final options, while 'health resort' refers to a place where people go to improve their health.

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