“Arseholed”: Learn the expression through definition and examples

What does “Arseholed” mean?

The phrase "Arseholed" is slang and it means 'Being extremely drunk or intoxicated.' When someone uses "Arseholed", they are describing a state of being heavily under the influence of alcohol, to the point where their judgment and coordination are impaired.

How is the expression used in real life?


He had too much to drink at the party and ended up completely arseholed.


She can't remember anything from last night; she was totally arseholed.

What context can I use each expression in?

  • 1Describing someone's level of intoxication

    He stumbled into the bar, completely arseholed.

    After a night of heavy drinking, she was arseholed and couldn't walk straight.

  • 2Recounting a night of excessive drinking

    They went out partying and got arseholed at the club.

    The group of friends got arseholed and ended up causing a scene.

  • 3Expressing disapproval or concern about someone's drinking

    His friends were worried about him getting arseholed every weekend.

    She's been getting arseholed more frequently lately, and it's becoming a problem.

Good things to know:

What is the origin of the phrase?

"Arseholed" is a slang expression that originated in the United Kingdom. It is derived from the word 'arsehole', which is a vulgar term for the anus. The term 'arseholed' is used metaphorically to describe someone who is so drunk that they have lost control of their faculties.

Can the phrase be used on its own?

While "arseholed" is typically used in a sentence to describe someone's state of intoxication, it is not commonly used on its own.

Is the phrase offensive?

"Arseholed" is considered vulgar and offensive. It is a slang term used to describe someone who is extremely drunk or intoxicated.

Audience for the phrase

"Arseholed" is primarily used in the United Kingdom and may not be widely understood or used in other English-speaking regions. It is more commonly used among younger generations and in informal settings.

Is the phrase specific to an accent or country?

"Arseholed" is specific to the United Kingdom and is not commonly used in other English-speaking regions.

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