intoxicated Definition

affected by alcohol or drugs, especially to the extent that physical and mental control is markedly diminished.

Using intoxicated: Examples

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    He was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

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    She became intoxicated after drinking too much wine.

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    The partygoers were all heavily intoxicated.

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    The man's speech was slurred and he appeared to be intoxicated.

intoxicated Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for intoxicated

Antonyms for intoxicated

  • sober
  • clear-headed

Phrases with intoxicated

  • intoxicated with success

    overwhelmed or excessively elated by one's own success


    After winning the championship, the team was intoxicated with success.

  • feeling a strong emotional attachment or infatuation with someone


    She was intoxicated by love and couldn't stop thinking about him.

  • excessively confident or arrogant due to one's position of authority or influence


    The politician became intoxicated with power and began making reckless decisions.


Summary: intoxicated in Brief

The term 'intoxicated' [ɪnˈtɒksɪkeɪtɪd] refers to being affected by alcohol or drugs to the extent that physical and mental control is markedly diminished. It is often used in legal contexts, such as 'He was arrested for driving while intoxicated.' 'Intoxicated' can also describe emotional states, such as 'intoxicated with success,' 'intoxicated by love,' and 'intoxicated with power.'

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