“LOL”: Learn the expression through definition and examples

What does “LOL” mean?

The phrase "LOL" means 'Laugh out loud.' When someone uses "LOL", they are indicating that something is funny and they are genuinely laughing in response. It is commonly used in text messages, social media, and online conversations to express amusement or humor.

How is the expression used in real life?


I told him the joke and he LOLed.


That meme is so funny, it made me LOL.


She couldn't stop LOLing at the comedy show.

What context can I use each expression in?

  • 1Reacting to something funny

    That joke was hilarious, LOL!

    The video of the cat falling off the table made me LOL.

  • 2Expressing amusement or laughter

    I can't believe he said that, LOL!

    Her funny story had me LOLing for minutes.

  • 3Indicating a humorous response

    A: I just tripped and fell in front of everyone. B: LOL, that's embarrassing!

    A: Did you see what happened in the movie? B: Yes, LOL, it was so unexpected!

Good things to know:

What is the origin of the phrase?

"LOL" is an abbreviation for 'laugh out loud' and originated in early internet chatrooms and instant messaging platforms. It quickly spread and became popular in online communication.

Can the phrase be used on its own?

While "LOL" is often used within a sentence, it can also be used on its own to indicate laughter. For example, if someone shares a funny meme, you can simply respond with "LOL" to show that you found it amusing.

Is the phrase offensive?

"LOL" is not offensive in itself. It's a commonly used internet slang term to express laughter.

Audience for the phrase

"LOL" is widely used by people of all ages who are familiar with internet slang and online communication. It is especially popular among younger generations who grew up using social media and messaging platforms.

Is the phrase specific to an accent or country?

"LOL" is not specific to any particular accent or region. It is used globally in English-speaking countries and has become a universal term for expressing laughter online.

Synonyms & Antonyms


  • laughing out loud
  • cracking up
  • rofl
  • haha
  • chuckling


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